Private guiding

Have it your way
& let us design a run
just for you or your mates

If you would know the road ahead, ask someone who has traveled it.

Is this for me ?

If you love beautiful scenery & want to experience the exhilaration of running in the mountains, then let us help you do it


You dont need any experience in off road running to book a private session with us. The advantage of these events is that they are tailored directly to your needs.


You do need to have an adventurous nature and be prepared to try new things in mountainous environments where the weather can be very challenging.

Fitness level

If you run regularly you'll be fine, but you should be able to manage distances of at least 10 miles if you want to go up high. We'll design a session that matches your fitness and needs.

That said, the fitter you arrive at your event the more you will enjoy it,
so we'll give you training prompts to help you arrive in the best condition

“I came into this weekend with some background in trail running and orienteering, but it was really helpful to take everything right back to basics in the classroom & fill in the gaps in my knowledge. There was a good progression from classroom to walking pace & then to running on the Sunday, which gave me confidence to read the maps & take bearings quickly. The running itself was great - a really good variety of terrain and lots of tips given for improving off-road technique. All in all a brilliant weekend of running - Thank you Sarah!”
“Thanks for a fantastic weekend, I certainly got a lot out of it. I gained a big improvement with my navigation skills & look forward to using OS maps rather than relying on GPS. I've managed to secure a place in this years V3K so look forward to putting all the new skills I've learned to good use in June!”
“What a brilliant experience!!! Enjoyed every second & Sarah is the reason why the course is so successful. Great itinerary, well delivered teaching episodes & amazing running. When's the next one?”
“Thank you Sarah for a fantastic Sky Running weekend in Snowdonia. I really enjoyed learning with you and the group about navigation, fell running & scrambling. It was a thoroughly enjoyable & educational weekend all round. Hope to sign up again in the future.”
“I met up with the group for a full days training on the Saturday. From an initial informative briefing, Sarah gave constant advice & guidance in all aspects of mountain craft (e.g. kit, navigation, nutrition, ascending/descending speed technique, weather). For moving fast, light & safely on the hill I thoroughly recommend this course.”
“Thank you so much Sarah for the lovely weekend! It was a wonderful experience and a perfect combination of exploring Snowdonia, a proper fell run challenge and a lot of useful theory about navigation, map reading, weather, kit packing etc. I learned many new things in a stunning environment. I felt really taken care of, everybody was given attention and I felt very safe with you. And I love your cheerfulness!”
“What an experience! I loved the physical challenge presented by running on some amazing terrains, as well as the mental challenge of navigating in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Sarah is an inspiring leader: passionate, experienced and brimming with enthusiasm. Book yourself on this course!”
“Well-organised, fantastic places, great company. 48 hrs of mountain running, navigation, and laughter. More than I expected. Many thanks! Miro”
“Cannot recommend this course more highly. Fabulous weekend, took me about a week to come down from the high! Loved the blend of classroom and activities. We kicked off proceedings with a night run under the light of our head torches on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed two jam packed days on Saturday and Sunday. Heading to the top of Siabod on Sunday was such a highlight. North Wales is a fabulous sight to behold and to be out there running in that environment was a complete blast. What better place to be running on 2 feet, and even occasionally on all-fours. Will definitely be back for another weekend with it!”
“I would and will recommend Sarah to anyone coming to this area. I had expected just a guided run but I got a lot more. Throughout my run Sarah was very observant, attentive and gave me several tips that I could immediate use and benefit from. These tips extended from running technique to nutrition, she also invited me to ask anything I wanted and asked me questions to check my knowledge. She paced and adapted the run as I wanted and needed it, for me this was both a pleasure and a training run so towards the end it was challenging but still very enjoyable. The photos Sarah took will enable me to remember the finer details of something that will always be hard to forget. Thank you Sarah. ”

Training preparation

When you book a private event, we'll organise a chat over the phone to discuss your needs, after which we will provide a basic training programme so you can specifically prepare your body to cope with the sort of physical demands you will experience on the day.

Navigation tutorials

If you have requested navigation training, we will send you navigation tutorials leading up to your event so you can start to understand the theory of navigation and hit the ground running (so to speak) when you arrive.

What you can learn

Things we can teach you:

  • How to tackle different terrain types
  • How to run uphill & downhill
  • How to navigate and plan routes
  • Learn what to wear & carry
  • Fuel and hydrate during your runs
  • Keep safe in remote terrain
  • How to plan goals or build racing into your program
  • How to recover and prevent over-training

What's included

What you get:

  • Phone interview to discuss your needs
  • Fully insured running guides with Mountain Leader and First Aid qualifications
  • Snack packs to take on your runs
  • A digital photo album of the day to remind you why you do it!
  • Links to training material or any resources you were taught during your time with us.

What does it cost?

Individual prices start at £110 for a half day or £190 for a full day. Full table of prices is given below.

If you'd like us to organise your accommodation too, prices start at £35 per night.

We can also arrange recovery meal packs for clients who need to travel back after their run so that they don't compromise their recovery.

Private guiding prices

We can manage group sizes of up to 12 people, where we keep a ratio of no more than 8 runners to one guide for running, & a maximum of 4 people per guide for scrambling. Large groups usually naturally split into two different levels, & runs are planned to accommodate this.

click here for a full list of prices and options
2 hour session

A two hour session may involve a run of no more than 1.5 hours with 30 minutes allocated for discussions and breifing. This is a good session to book out a quick night run.

Number of people Cost - 2 hrs
1 client £60
2-3 clients £40 per person
4 clients or more £30 per person
Half day session

A half day booking involves a session of your choice for 3 hours hill-time allowing an hour briefing, meet up and travel to the run destination. A guided run up Snowdon is a popular request.

Number of people Cost - Half day
1 client £110
2-3 clients £70 per person
4 clients or more £50 per person
Full day session

A full day involves hill-time up to 7 hours with an hour briefing, meet up and travel to the run destination. A popular design is a 3-4 hour guided run followed by 3 hours navigation training.

Number of people Cost - Full day
1 client £190
2-3 clients £110 per person
4 clients or more £80 per person
Weekend or 2 days

A full weekend can involve anything you like, although most choose a similar itinerary to our Get Into Fell Running camps. Simply tell us what you want to achieve and we'll design it.

Number of people Cost - 2 days
1 client £340
2-3 clients £190 per person
4 clients or more £160 per person

* Prices are calculated per person and do not include accommodation. If you have a large club group we do provide discounts on the prices above and can also organise accommodation starting at £35 per person.

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